frequently asked questions

Is warm or cold water better for my cut flowers?

After re-cutting the stems, it is preferable to start your cut flowers in a vase of warm water. The only exceptions to this rule are spring bulb flowers such as: tulips, daffodils, and iris.

Can I request a specific time for the delivery of my arrangement?

We cannot guarantee a time of delivery other than morning (up to 1pm) or afternoon. You may use the "Special Delivery Instructions" box located on the Delivery Information Page to request a particular range of time during day for your delivery. Around major holiday events (such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day) it is impossible to specify any delivery time.

Is there any special information needed to deliver an arrangement to a hospital?

For hospital deliveries, please make sure to include the name of the recipient, hospital and room number or ward. Your arrangement will be delivered to the floor nurse's station, as most hospitals do not allow floral delivery drivers into individual rooms. Lilies of any kind are prohibited in hospitals, nursing homes, and most care homes due to their strong fragrance. Highly scented flowers are not recommended in these environments. Patients in cardiac wards, some cancer wards, and ICU are not permitted flowers. Latex balloons are not permitted in pediatric wards.

Can I change or cancel my order after it has been placed?

Gift Loft Flowers is unable to cancel or change orders that are already en route or delivered. Same-day orders are processed immediately, and usually cannot be changed. However, with advance warning, orders may be altered or cancelled. If you have information that is pertinent to the delivery of an order, immediately call Goft Loft Flowers location at which the order was initially placed.

Do you deliver in the wintertime?

Absolutely! Colourful, fresh flowers are most appreciated during our long, chilly winters. Gift Loft Flowers uses many techniques to ensure flowers are protected from harsh weather elements throughout the year.

How long do flowers last out of water?

Properly wrapped and kept in a cool environment, cut flowers can be stored comfortably for 5 hours or more. Some dehydration of the blooms may happen but placing the bouquet into warm water will allow the flowers to resume drinking and continue blooming. For prolonged periods of storage, a water tube or small block of floral foam may be appropriate.